About Us

We were fed up of seeing the same image of a beach, a leaf or a nude line squiggle on every wall... it’s sooooo been done!


We are two style qweens and we know what we like, so we decided to shake it up.


These are our rules of play: (like it OR not!)

 1. Only 200 limited editions of each print - you won't see our imagery on every living room wall or kitchen or bedroom or bathroom!

2. Affordable art that won't break the bank - you don't have to be rolling in it to have something fabulous in your home

3. Each print comes in multiple colour variations - our aim is to suit every interior perfectly (so so smart!)

4. Seriously something fun and different - that’s who WE are!

5. Give us your feedback and tell us what you like - maybe it will be hanging in your living room sooner than you think


All images shot by us at the best location in the world - Bondi Beach, Australia



Laura X Lauren